Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Bit O' Crazy!

Crazy hair that is. Last Friday was Crazy Hair Day at daycare. I had to keep reminding myself that is was crazy hair day, not bad hair day. The lazy side of me just wanted to skip brushing out the mat of bed head that she wakes up with and send her on her merry way. It is a good thing the lazy side didn't win. Armed with a brush, leave-in conditioner, hair ties, and a biscotti, I conquered Cora and her hair. I think she was pretty stoked about her cool hair do. She stared in the mirror for quite a long time admiring the braids poking out from the top of her head. She also thinks it is great to look at chewed up food in her mouth.....
Lookin' good, Toots!

Let's go, Mom!

Notice it is still "warm" in this picture. We had our first blanket of snow on Monday...just 3 days later. Today we had a high of 28 degrees. Brrrrr. Winter is coming!

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