Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Camping in the North

We took Cora on her very first camping trip this summer which was quickly followed by camping trips #2 and #3. Our destination was Rock Lake near Grande Cache, Alberta. We were about 4 hours northwest of Edmonton. We went at the beginning of August, and the weather was lovely. Quite cold at night, but great nonetheless. This marks the first camping trip Lee and I have been on where it didn't rain. The spell had finally been broken!! The mosquitoes were nasty. Thank goodness for a slight breeze and campfire smoke to keep those pesky, worthless bugs away from us. Lee and I were looking to get as remote as we could without backpacking into the back country. We felt as though we weren't physically ready to carry packs and a baby. Good call, because we weren't. We had a great time hiking around the lake and along the river. We took the kayaks and spent some time on the lake with Cora. She loves tooling around in the kayak. We had such a great time camping. Cora loved it! Although, I never doubted that she wouldn't love camping.

 Reggie was pretty excited to hit the road. I swear that is a smile. :)

 Cora is pumped, too.

 She ran and squealed the whole time we unpacked the car.

 Her very first moment in the tent. I was worried she would never come out.

 The smoke from the campfire was a new experience too! She wasn't as fond of the smoke as she was the tent.

 But this little gadget that lights up was the best thing of the whole trip. Well, maybe the second best. You'll see soon enough what she loves the most about camping.

 Letting Reg see her cool headlamp.

 Nothing is better than campfire spaghetti. Mmmmm.

 The first thing I quickly learned about babies and forests. Don't buy green and brown clothes. Children quickly disappear. She was dressed in the perfect camoflauge. Good thing she talks...a lot.

 The Hammock! This is Cora's favorite part of camping. She loves loves loves the hammock. I was so excited to get to use it. Lee and I got this for our wedding. We have taken it every where and have never been able to use it because of the rain. This thing even went to New Zealand! I was so happy to finally put it up.

 Yes, I enjoyed it too.

 Reggie spent the whole weekend stalking squirrels. Sort of. Notice the squirrel on the tree stump right in front of Reg. He never saw the thing. We baited the squirrels into camp trying to help the old man out. Poor dog is getting very old. :( This picture says it all.

 She reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the East when Dorothy's house fell on her and all you saw were the striped stockings. 

 Rock Lake. The background is Willmore Wilderness Area. It is a huge Wilderness area that doesn't allow any motorized craft of any sort.

 Fishing while Cora naps on my back.

 A boy and his dog.

 I look tired because I was exhausted. I didn't sleep well the first night at all because I was so worried Cora was too cold. 

 Checking out the river. She wanted to get in.

 I finally let her get her feet wet. Brrrr. The lake and rivers were glacier fed and incredibly cold. Do you think that would stop Cora from wanting to swim? NOPE! She sure is a Canadian baby. We stripped her down to nothing but her sandals and let her get in the river. She was allowed to play until she got too cold and then had to sit in the sun, wrapped in a towel until she warmed up. This cycle went on all afternoon.

 Lee enjoys the hammock! 

 Asleep in the tent. Her first night tent camping..ever.

 Cora looks like she is made for this life. 

 In the river...again.

Last stop for fishing. Lee got skunked this trip. The scenery was beautiful which made up for the lack of fish.

I'll end this one with a two videos from the camping trip. We had a great time!

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Molly Finley said...

LOVED these pictures ~! and yes, Cora looks like a natural when it comes to camping....she is beautiful!
looks like a good time was had by all, including the dog!
thanks for sharing!