Friday, April 2, 2010

Toddler Air Jordan

Cora turned 15 months old on March 23. Wow! What a month March was. Cora's little brain is such a sponge. She is taking in all she possible can. You can see her trying to process new information. She studies everything in her world. Each little pebble on the sidewalk is thoroughly inspected. Each word that comes out of my mouth is intently listened to. Each little step every other kid takes is watched and later tried. This brings up her latest skill. She can jump....errr....well, she thinks she can. Her friend, Claire, has been showing her how to jump. Now, Cora will squat down and then stand up really fast. This is her form of jumping. We've nicknamed her yet again. Her latest moniker is Air Jordan aka Michael Jordan. He is the only human who can truly fly. :) She even wags her tongue around for effect.

These first three pictures are of Cora eating a pear. She sits up on the counter while I cook. The fruit bowl is close by and she got her hands on this ripe pear. She ate the whole thing. I love her expression in the second photo. She is still a wonderful eater. Her eating has really slowed down since Reggie has arrived. I think part of that is due to her not growing as quickly. The other part is due to her feeding him all of her food and then not getting seconds. I'm a mean Mom. ;)

Did I mention Cora was 15 months?? Here are her official 15 month photos on the good ol' couch.

Of course, she was not cooperative at the start and wouldn't sit up straight. So, I did what any person would do. I let her stand for all the photos.

I love this picture. It exemplifies so much of who Cora is. She is made up of about 90% attitude. I love it. She is quite sensitive as well. She doesn't like to get in trouble, but she'll test to see exactly what she can get away with. I was talking to my Dad the other day. We both agreed that Cora may not look a thing like me, but she is chocked full of personality that closely resembles me as a child.

Playing Patty Cake.

I know everyone has been anxiously waiting for a list of new milestones that Cora has reached in the last month. Wait no longer!

Starting with words
  • Peek-a-Boo (sounds like bah-boo)
  • nice (in reference to "Be NICE to Reggie")
  • NOOOOOO! Hahaha. She still only says it to Reggie when he is trying to eat food in her hands.
  • Quack Quack
  • Duck
  • Duck (while saying quack quack)
  • Bear (while saying Arghhhh)
  • Bye
  • She jumps
  • She pretends to talk on the phone which includes a lot of words that make her sounds like E.T. and the occasional chuckle (check out the video at the end)
  • She can locate her nose, belly button, and tongue
  • She hates her crib. I mean, hates it. If I leave her in her crib, she screams until she craps herself. It's horrible. Right now her mattress is on the floor in our bedroom. I think she'll be moving to a toddler bed soon. 
  • She really likes to make noise. Any kind of noise.
  • She forces farts out because it makes people laugh. I am worried she'll pop a vein in her forehead.
  • She has discovered gravity. She'll throw anything down the stairs to see how far it will go and how loud it will be. Reggie better look out.

A couple more Kodak moments!

I want to say something really quick before everyone watches this video. There is random furniture scattered all over the house. Cora is capable of moving every piece of furniture except for the couch. She moves chairs to make a race track to run circles around the living room. I really don't decorate this way.

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Riggs Family said...

Very cute, I love the fart part, must be the Poitra side of her :)