Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Photo Review

Lee and I were just looking back at photos of Cora over the last year and a couple months. I think it is officially time to take a look at how Cora has grown over her short time so far here on Earth. Enjoy!

Just 2 days old.

1 month old and already showing off her amazing personality.

My beautiful 2 month old brunette. ;)

The cutest 3 month old in rainbow leggings that you will ever see.

My beautiful 4 month old curly redhead. ??

My beautiful 5 month old blonde????? What is going on with her hair color? I thought it was eye color that was supposed to change in their first year of life.

Let's hear it for a cute-as-a-button 6 month old!

Precious 7 months old

Pretty Petunia is 8 months old.

9 months old and finally hitting a growth spurt. The little bird is no longer little.

Who is so lucky to have such great hair at 10 months old??

Sweet-as-Pie 11 months old.

Pure innocence with a side of mischief at 1 year old.

Wow!! 13 months old and no longer looking like an infant.

My incredibly beautiful little girl at 14 months old. There is nothing in my life that is sweeter, but don't let that smile fool you. She is developing some independence.

All attitude at 15 months old. I couldn't resist this non-smiling picture. She has gained so much independence. I am so proud of this part of her. She is growing and developing into such an amazing toddler. Attitude and all.

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