Friday, April 9, 2010

Hippity Hop

We had a fabulous Easter this year. We decided we would stay home and enjoy the spring weather right here in Edmonton. If you remember, last year we packed our bags and headed to the mountains for Easter weekend. It was so nice and cozy staying home on a holiday.

The Easter Bunny visited Cora this year. She really doesn't have a clue yet, but she really enjoyed her new toys. The Easter Bunny brought her a gossamer silk "Garden Rose" play canopy and a duck on stick. She really loves both of these. We have set up her table and chairs under the canopy. They are a perfect fit. I see many tea parties under the canopy in her future. The duck cracks us up. It took her no time to figure out how it works (in fact, she actually figured it out at the store...shhhh). She pushes it around saying quack quack. I can't even express in words just how cute this little girl is. Every step she takes melts me.
Say it with me...Awwwwwwwwww! Cora often looks just like a porcelain doll to me. I am constantly having to remind myself that this beautiful little girl isn't some random baby girl airbrushed for a magazine, but rather my incredibly precious little girl.

Here is Cora's play canopy. As you can see, Lee can fully stand inside of it. The silk is 7ft long. I am going to get bean bags to hold it in place on the floor. Hopefully that will reduce the amount of times Cora gets tangled up in it.

Reggie behaving like he is being forced to be in the same room as us. Yeah right.

Cora pushing her duck on a stick around her room. Lee and I both had these when we were younger. We first saw them at a store when I was pregnant. We vowed we'd be back in a couple years to buy one. When Lee and I were deciding what two presents we were going to get Cora (we each got to pick one), Lee asked me to go get one of these ducks. There was only one left and it was the floor model. I snagged it up. This duck has been used and abused. It is chipped, scuffed, and scratched. I love it though. It looks like it has been used by loving kids for the last 50 years. Plus, I got a discount. Score.

We dyed Easter eggs on Sunday. Cora had a great time. She intently watched Lee dip and dunk each egg. She helped quite a bit, too. There is a picture of dyed finger tips from pulling eggs out. I of course have some video as well. We (read: Lee) had fun getting her all hopped up on sugar. He introduced her to pop rocks (the candy that jumps around in your mouth), homemade M&M cookies which led to lots of M&M's being eaten during the baking process. Cora has helped make all kinds of homemade goodies the last couple of weeks. She officially knows what a beater is and demands to help lick it off. She is my daughter!!!

I had to get a picture of her hand. You can see the layers of colors on her fingers.

After her eggs were dry, she would carry one over to me, act like she was going to give it to me, and then take it back and run off squealing in delight. Also you'll notice I am still sewing her Easter basket on the day of Easter. BAD MOM! To this day, it still doesn't have handles. I suck. But I really love how it looks so far. Oh yeah, and notice Reggie is sleeping again. He is completely unaware of the crazy 1 year old hopped up on chocolate and sugar.

So innocent. Or so she wants you to believe.

Cora is planting the coneflowers she got from Grandma and Grandpa B. She got all kinds of cool gardening tools from them. Hopefully Cora's mom, who has a brown thumb, can actually get these flowers to grow. Keep your fingers crossed. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa B!!

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