Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Green or Orange?

Orange or Green? That is the question. What in high heaven am I talking about? The answer is PUMPKINS! We took the Belle to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. It was quite fun. We spent most of our time in the petting zoo area.

She talked to the chickens,

danced with the geese,

pet the sheep,

and tried to feed the goats.

We were going to let her play with the rabbits but there were a bajillion people in that enclosure. Not many people cared for the chickens. And, we just sat Cora in the feeding trough to let her play with the goats.

She still loves goats. We got the "side eye" look from many other parents. Yep, we're the mom and dad who will sit her in the mud so she can get down at a little chicken's level. Yep, we're the mom and dad who let the geese peck at her shoes. Yep, were the mom and dad who let her get goat boogers all over her hands. Yep, that's us. We're those parents.

OK, back to the orange or green pumpkins. It turns out pumpkin patches in Alberta are a wee bit different than the ones back in Nebraska. Everyone should be so lucky to have a Vala's Pumpkin Patch where they live. We read on the internet that all the pumpkins were already picked and waiting to be chosen in one of the heated greenhouses. Heated greenhouses? Really?? Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore. Oh well. The website did mention a hayrack ride! After petting the barnyard animal fleet, we avoided the hordes of people and went straight to a greenhouse. In this greenhouse were hundred of mini pumpkins.

They were cute, but small. We snapped a few pictures of our Tahiti Sweetie and then stood there looking completely confused. I asked Lee if he thought it was possible that all the big pumpkins were already gone. He looked around and decided we were definitely in the wrong greenhouse because there was no room for large pumpkins. Ahhh, yep. Good point Detective Holmes. The next greenhouse was by a cash register. This had to be the one. We walked in and there were many varieties of pumpkins strategically placed on tables and on the floor. It was pretty, but there weren't many pumpkins. We kept walking until we got to the back. There was a corridor that led to another section of greenhouse. This had to be where the pumpkins were piled high to the sky. We walked faster. Both of us were getting a bit giddy about seeing Cora's face light up with all the pumpkins. We rounded the corner and stopped dead in our tracks. There were potted houseplants in this greenhouses. Talk about feeling like you just ran face first into the wall. Oh well. We turned around to decide what we were going to do about a pumpkin. Some of the nontraditional pumpkins were pretty cool. We decided to pick out a neat green pumpkin rather than a forlorn looking orange pumpkin.

Even though the pumpkin picking was a bit of a disappointment and the hayrack ride took you from the admissions stand to the hub of activity (we decided to walk...It was only 100 yards or so), we had a great time playing with the animals and getting some fresh air for the day. We are already looking back and laughing about Cora's pathetic first trip to a pumpkin patch.

I have some other exciting news on the home front. Cora is cutting 4 teeth. FOUR! Yes, the nights have been long and she has been quite touchy during the day.

As you can probably see from the traditional 3 teeth pictures, all 4 teeth are coming in on top. Two on each side. Lee has taken to calling her White Fang. I like it.

Tomorrow is Halloween at Cora's daycare. We have opted to not dress her up in a traditional costume. I know there is nothing cuter than a baby in a costume, buuuuuuut I couldn't find any reason to put her through the torture. Cora's little brothers and sisters will probably have costumes. I guess this is one of the pit falls of being the eldest. :) I promise that we'll still post cute pictures of Cora in her little orange outfit. I did get the coolest leggings for her to wear under her pants.

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Riggs Family said...

I love it! By the way a good parent is one that disreguards dirt and is willing to change clothes after a fun adventure such as goat snot kisses or mud puddle swims. What stains the clothes also stains the brain with knowledge and adventure:)