Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cora the Clumsy Canadian

Yes, as cute as Cora is, she is quite clumsy. What is a person to expect? The babe is finally moving and grooving, but she needs some more practice. She falls all.the.time. She falls forward, to the back, to the side, onto her knees. Most of the time her falls result in a look of wonderment. Her eyes say to me, "MOM, WHAT IN THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?" Not every time is it this cute. Three times yesterday she fell face first into a wall or bookshelf. The first two times looked incredibly painful. I ran to her, picked her up, and held her while she cried into my shoulder. After a good cry, I put her down and inspected her to make sure there was no serious injury. Every time, nothing. Not even a red spot. We weren't so lucky the third time. She was playing in her bedroom while I was putting clothes away. She slipped and knocked her face on the wall. It really didn't look that bad, but she sure let out a wail. I didn't jump up immediately, but I went to her quickly. I held her, she cried. I didn't even think about checking her face because it really didn't look like she hit that hard. I was wrong. I pulled her back to put her down and there it was. A giant, red goose egg right in the middle of her forehead. Oh dear. That one must have hurt. Wall 1, Cora 0, Mom -52. I picked her back up and held her a bit longer (mostly just because I felt bad and needed to comfort myself for not immediately running to her). She is fine and within minutes was back to her happy little self. I did take a couple pictures of the welt for "memories".

Here is a video of her showing off her bump. Excuse the excess babbling on my part. I started talking and then realized my voice would be heard in the video. Therefore, I sound like a complete fool. Hahaha.

I think I need to give a quick description of Cora's 'I'm really, Really, REALLY hurt' cry. About a second after the impact, there is a extremely brief whimper like grunt that is barely audible. She then lets out the most awful looking silent cry. Her tongue curls up, her mouth gapes open, her eyes squeeze shut, and her lips turn blue. She then inhales and proceeds to let out two long, loud cries. Again, her tongue curls just so. I can't really explain it. (Cora and Mya hold their mouths and tongue the exact same way when they cry. Just a little FYI.) These three cries are with her head flung back and her neck straining. The next cries aren't nearly as strained. She relaxes a bit and buries her head into my shoulder. You can feel her belly move with these cries. These cries are the ones that produce tears. She may have a couple tears with the loud screams, but they tend to fall during the shoulder cry. She then starts to belly ache and suck on her bottom lip. This is a good time to pull her away and look at her. She is easily distracted at this point. This whole process has never lasted more than 2 minutes. Most of the time, I'd say she does this for 45 seconds to a minute. Of course, it feels like an eternity when it happens. I will probably never get this on video or a camera. I hope my description didn't make it seem to awful. ;) Just in case, I am going to add a cute smiling photo I just took of the Belle.

I took a couple videos of her today. The first is her making some sounds. The second one is only a a short while later. She chucked her sippy cup off the high chair. When I turned around to pick it up for her, she was nodding off. I caught some of it on video. Too cute! I took her upstairs and changed her diaper. All the while she was asleep, but kept desperately trying to wake up. When I put her in her crib, she flipped over to her stomach, and started to crawl. She fell asleep mid crawl with her but a mile high in the sky. I was laughing pretty hard. She was a tired little bug this afternoon.

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