Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rain, Rain Don't Go Away

Dear Blog,
I am so sorry for neglecting you. Please forgive me. :( My apologies also to my devout blog readers...you know who you are. My apologies to myself because now I have a ridiculous amount of catching up to do. OK, enough.

It is almost 4:30am here. I've been awake since 3 with Cora. Don't feel bad...she is an insanely slow eater and this is our usual schedule. Anyways, the house is dark and quiet. I can hear Lee sleeping. The other noise I hear is rain. Yes, you read that right. It is 4am and it is raining in Edmonton, AB! There is some very heavy wet snow/slush mixed in. Spring has sprung when there is rain in the early hours of the morning. OH JOY!

Lee, Cora, and I have been trying to get out and about more now that Cora is older and more interested in her surroundings. To our surprise, Cora isn't necessarily a fan of new things. What?? Babies don't love every new adventure in their life? Oy. We had brunch at our friends house last weekend. They have a 13 month old daughter and have pretty much loaned us all of her big play items. We decided to try Cora in Claire's old exersaucer (activity center with a rotating chair thing in the middle). Cora cried her eyes out. In fact, she cried at nearly everything that morning. She had her head nestled under my chin with a death grip on my shirt. She eventually got use to being over there and by the time we left she was all smiles.

Next up, Mommy and Me yoga. Cora did excellent! For a total of 20 minutes. She made it through introductions. Then she wanted held and nursed through all of the Mommy yoga. By the way, MJ, my yoga top was perfect for nursing. Thank you! Cora wanted nothing to do with going to the mirror with the other babies. She calmed down for a few minutes of baby yoga and made it through the baby massage (with smiles). Then back to nursing during relaxation. We've been practicing at home to hopefully have a better transition next week. She'll eventually enjoy it.

On to the swimming pool. We met Jen and Claire at the sports centre by our house last Wednesday to test the waters. Well, guess what. She LOVED it! No reservations what so ever. She splashed her hands and kicked her feet for a solid 30 minutes. Lee and I were stunned. We had so much fun we're going back this week. Her swim suit and swim diaper were hilarious. I could only find size small swim diapers. The waist went up to her chest. Her swim suit was Claire's and it was a 6 month bikini. The bottoms were falling down and the top was around her neck, She didn't care at all. It was too funny.I wish I had pictures, but the people wouldn't let us take photos. I am going to bring the camera this time anyway.Lee took this picture with his camera phone. We really need to get a snapshot of her determination face.

Cora is making an unexpected visit with me to Tucson, Arizona. I got a call right before we left for the weekend that my sister was in the hospital trying to stop preterm labor. They did stop it, but she spent 2 days at the hospital and is now on bedrest. She asked if I could come down to be with her. So, I'll be in Tucson for the last 10 days or so of my maternity leave. Not a bad way to end a maternity leave in my opinion. It will be fun to be there with Michelle and chase Mya around. As much as I can't wait to meet my nephew, I hope he doesn't make his arrival while I am there. He needs to bake for another 4-5 weeks. :)

That brings me to my last thought for this post. The end of my maternity leave is quickly approaching and I have no daycare. We've been on the waitlist for almost a year and we're still nowhere close to the top. But do not despair. I have found the Ergo baby carrier. I will be taking Cora to school with me. I have a confession. I am actually quite happy she won't be going to daycare. I am so not ready to be separated from my little fish. I think Lee was a bit relieved too. We love our sidekick. And she is just that...our sidekick. She will join us on every adventure we ever embark on, including the dreaded PhD. :)

I'll write about Easter weekend in a separate post. Here are a few random photos I'll close with. Happy rainy days (even though it is slightly more snowy now).

Disclaimer: I really don't like these sorts of photos. I find them kind of stupid. Lee's buddy had the costume and they really wanted to stick Cora in it. So, here you go, Lee. Notice her tiny body doesn't even reach the arms and legs. Cuteness.

Lee is already grooming her to be a tennis player.

She knows it is bath time.

Grease monkey. That chunky monkey.

This was an outfit I wore at the same age. How cute does she look in it?

Pretty in Pink

Loving her new Bumbo chair.

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