Sunday, April 19, 2009

10 Things

Today, Cora is a whopping 4 MONTHS OLD. I was thinking about this the last few days and thought it would be fun to write down 10 things that I will never forget about Cora in her first 4 months of life.

1. The way she scrunches up the bridge of her nose when she smiles.
2. How she sticks her butt a mile high into the air when she first falls asleep. Also how she is as flat as a pancake in the morning when she wakes up.
3. The growls, grunts and moans when she is breastfeeding.
4. Her first coos around a month old. They were so light and sweet and she looked at me and studied me while she cooed. She really has so much to say to me.
5. How she grasped at air when she was only minutes old. It seemed like she was so confused in this new world that wasn't confining like my uterus.
6. Her first high pitched scream. She was been screaming at octaves high enough to shatter glass since.
7. The way each section of her hair curls and flips out. It is so "her", and I never try to comb it anymore because it doesn't matter, It still flips out in the same way.
8. I'll never ever forget how tiny her body was without clothes the first time I gave her a sponge bath.
9. Her "nay nay" cry when she is hungry.
10. Her big blues staring intently at me while her eyebrows are furrowed making her look astonishingly inquisitive for such a young age. Although, she is and always has been very observant!

We are having a wonderful time in Arizona. Mya and Cora love each other. Yesterday they were lying on their bellies while Mya showed Cora how to play with the toys. Cora just stared at her the whole time listening to her wise, older cousin. Mya rubs Cora's back when she is sad, clicks her tongue to make Cora smile, and loves to feel how soft Cora's hair is. Of course, it hasn't been all puppies and rainbows. Mya was less than impressed when Cora wouldn't share the snack with her. Oh well.

Pictures to come later. We're going back to bed.

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ami said...

hey there cousin-in-law! kehau's momma here... love reading your blog- and just noticed the post below, where you are thinking about cloth dipes. We have used the prefolds/covers since ke was born and LOVE them!!! it took some convincing for chadd...but he officially loves them (actually within a week of ke's, he was sold)... we enlist a diaper service though, as i don't think i could stomach the laundry. anyway - i say go for it! no more diaper garbage! ;) ami