Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today has been such an exciting day for Cora and me. Cora is patiently waiting for the arrival of her new cousin in June. Well, maybe Lee and I are the anxious ones. We just love our little niece, Mya, and were sooooo excited to find out we were getting another niece or nephew. The results are in.

It's a BOY!!!!!  We're getting a NEPHEW! Michelle and Santo had names already picked out. His name will be MAXON "MAX" TROY. I absolutely adore the name. I helped a wee bit in picking it out. Max will be the first male on the Rogers' side since my Dad and Uncle Mike. I smell a spoiled kid in the future via Grandpa Bill, Daddy Santo, and Uncle Lee.

There will also be the arrival of Baby Buchheit sometime in the near future. My forever friends Lindsey and Dave are expecting their little bundle of joy any day now. 

So many babies for my baby to play with. If only we were all a bit closer. We're here in Edmonton with Mya and Max in Arizona, Baby Buchheit in Iowa, Cousin Amelia in Cali, and Cousins Kaden and Lakelan in Texas. Makes for good vacations I guess. Here are pictures of all the babies!

Mya being a goof ball with her plate. I couldn't resist this picture! I just love it!! (1.5 years old)

Cute-as-a-button Cousin Amelia decked out in Raiders gear. (2.5 years old)

Cousin Kaden pretending he is T-rex at the dinosaur park thing. Too funny! (Almost 3 years old)

Cousin Lakelan being 110% cute. (1 year old)

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