Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Day at the (pseudo) Farm

Lee, Cora, and I went to Happy Acres U-pick on Sunday. Lee and I hadn't been there since before Cora was born. This place is awesome now!! It was before, but they've definitely expanded.

We picked a whole bucket of raspberries with the intention of eventually making jam. It took a lot of bribery to not get Lee to eat an entire bucket before we got home. Cora, on the other hand, was completely fed up with the mosquitoes. She had her fingers permanently stuck in her ears throughout the whole picking extravaganza.

We decided to wrap up the raspberry picking and head over to see the chickens. This farm is chemical free and the chickens are a natural pesticide. Little did we know Happy Acres had expanded their animal section of the farm. They now had all kinds of crazy cute animals!!

One incredibly cute new resident is the 9-week old miniature pig. This thing was beyond cute. He was about the size of a loaf of bread and had the energy of 10 jack russell terriers.

 The had a kajillion hand raised turkeys and even more chickens. Behind the gate was the cutest miniature pony. Cora absolutely loved the horse. He was incredibly gentle with her.

 The turkeys thought our shoes were food. Bird brains. Cora didn't have this problem because she opted to go barefoot after her shoes got muddy picking raspberries.

 Little did we know, right around the corner were a bunch of miniature ponies and their babies. These cute guys rivaled the baby pig for cutest baby on the farm.

We'll be going back very soon. We need more raspberries. We need a baby pig.

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