Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Walk Like a Chimpanzee

Re-read (or sing) the title to the tune of "Walk Like an Egyptian". It will make this entry even more fun.

Cora hit TWO huge milestones this last weekend. On Saturday, Feb 6, 2010, Cora stood up on her own and took her first steps. We were in Cold Lake, Alberta visiting Stephanie for her birthday weekend. Out of nowhere, Cora decided she wanted to walk. She stood up and took three steps. We were all hootin' and hollerin' for her. It was pretty cool. She showed off her new found skills the rest of the night to anybody who would take the time to cheer for her (which turned out to be everyone).

Of course, I didn't bring the camera. The batteries were almost dead so I decided to leave it at home since we would only be gone for two days. Oops. As soon as we got home on Sunday, we gave Cora her dinner, a bath, and then video taped her walking. She still much prefers to crawl. Actually, she will only walk if you are clapping, cheering, and making nothing short of a huge scene. People always say that parents are their child's biggest cheerleader. I am beginning to see why. ;) Enjoy the video below of our little primate. I think she looks a bit like a chimp or an orangutan when she walks because she holds her hands up by her head. Her gait looks so primitive to me. I love it!

On another note, Cora is saying another word.


Yeah, that's right. Gentle. Cracks me up. What kid starts off talking with words like "gentle" and "thank you". I thought they are supposed to start with "no" and other two to three lettered words. It is still really hard to understand most things she is trying to say. She says what is supposed to be nose, but the only way I can tell is if she points to her nose or mine. OH! Speaking of that. She learned where her nose was last week! This week we are learning about ears. :)

This list is for my record keeping. Cora's current vocabulary, in order of appearance:
  • Dog (daw)
  • Thank You (dank kew)
  • Dadda (dadda)
  • Hello (eh woah...says while holding her hand or object to her ear)
  • Momma (momma)
  • Gentle (entil)
  • Nose (oh...says while pointing to a nose)
I think that is all of them. As you can see, she is using some of her own signs. We are trying to get back into the swing of things by signing with her. I have now seen two little kids who use signs (Cousin Amelia and Friend Claire), and it is so much easier to communicate with them. On top of that, they both speak beautifully now. Hmmm, coincidence? I think not.

Signing off from the Great White North! I'll leave you all a picture of our resident snowshoe hare. Cora loves this guy. We have Rabbit HWY101 out or back window. Reggie and Cora are going to be fighting over who gets to stand on the chair to watch the rabbits. :)

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Mara said...

Love the picture with her and the bunny!