Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Ready for The Boy

 Lee and I have decided to not set up a nursery of any sort for Baby Beau. We'll be moving back to the States when he is merely 2 months old. While I had pictures of Cora's nursery, there will be none for The Boy. At least not for the first few months. I decided to take some pictures of his clothes and bassinet to at least remind myself of what we did get ready for him.

Since we rarely dressed Cora in anything other than footed PJ's until she was 6 months old, I imagine we'll prefer the same for Beau. So, I've been shopping for lots of footed PJ's and cozy little clothes. So FUN! We are doing cloth diapers again, but this time we've chosen to go down the diaper service route. I found with Cora that cloth diapering is a lot easier when you have an awesome washing machine, which we did not. I really don't want to spend my time standing over the stove boiling diapers again. To prepare, I had to buy some diaper covers that are a bit more masculine than what I had for Cora. Aww shucks. The last thing we purchased for Beau was a Moses Basket and a rocker. Since Cora is still sleeping with us, we can't safely co-sleep with a newborn baby. We got the basket so he can be right next to my bed. It will also be incredibly useful for camping this summer.

 The crab PJ's will more than likely be his going home outfit from the hospital. It is Lee's favorite.

 Newborn diaper covers

 Small diaper covers.

 This is my favorite outfit. It is just a long-sleeved kimono style onesie. I am a total glutton for kimono onesies and gowns. 

The end is near for Beau to enter this world. Lee and I have both been nesting. Weird, I know. We waited way longer with Cora. I know that we are near the end because we have finally settled on a name. A full name.

Beau Bridger

I honestly thought we would never decide on a full name. From a previous entry, you would know why we chose Beau. The whole Medicine Bow National Forest thing. Bridger is after the Bridger-Tetons. Lee and my first backpacking trip (my first trip ever) was to the Bridger-Tetons to hike along the Green River Lakes to Square Top Mountain. It was an amazing trip. Lee took me there shortly after my cousin passed away 10 years ago for me to clear my head. I remember the whole trip like it was yesterday. The drive there, the hike, the drive back to Laramie. All of it. We saw tons of wildlife from a beaver to a glimpse of a wolverine. I, not surprisingly, did not drink enough water and ended up getting altitude sickness pretty badly. Lee, being the pack horse he is, strapped my back pack to his and hiked my pack for a good portion of a day. He is a brute. I dragged close to a quarter mile behind carrying only a map. Thank goodness for my strapping boyfriend. I think I'll regularly remind Beau that his father can be a brute of a man so as to not cross him. I'll also be reminding Cora about the caveman like tendencies of her father, so she thinks twice before she "falls in love" and bring a boy home. We'll keep it a secret that we would move a mountain for either of them until they are grown and well-adjusted adults.

The Green River Lakes behind us. Behind us standing tall in the middle of the valley is Square Top Mountain. Because I got sick, we weren't able to summit Square Top. We'll be visiting the area again soon to show the kids, and I am sure we'll backpack it soon enough with Cora and Beau. We have a lot planned for them. :)

I have some blog entries coming up. Grandpa Bob and Grandpa Jim came to visit last weekend. The Easter Bunny visited Cora yesterday. And, I think I forgot to post Lee and Cora's ice fishing trip! Unless Beau comes in the next two weeks, there will be at least three more entries before his imminent arrival.

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