Sunday, December 11, 2011

Baby Boy Blue

We had our ultrasound last week and found out we are expecting a baby BOY!! I really didn't have the "mother's intuition" that everyone seems to talk about. There haven't been hardly any differences between this pregnancy and my pregnancy with Cora. I haven't been overheating, and this baby kicks harder. That is it. Everything else is exactly the same. Fatigue has been my only complaint both times. I am even gaining weight at the same pace.

Lee and I were so excited to find out we were having a healthy baby boy. Cora did not share our excitement. In fact, she started crying. She wanted a baby sister. We explained to her during the ultrasound that she would have had to share a room with a baby sister for at least 10 years, share all of her clothes, and ALL of her toys. A baby brother means she gets her own room, has her own clothes, and only has to share SOME of her toys. She almost immediately started loving her baby brother. In fact, she now rubs my belly and sometimes give my stomach kisses. It will be a lot of fun once this little boy enters the world. I am really anxious to meet this baby, and I still have 20 weeks to go!

This first video is only 1 second long. However, if you pause it about half way through, you get a really good look at his handsome little face. He is a bit meatier than Cora was at this stage. I also truly believe he looks nothing like Cora. Cora looked remarkably similar in "real life" and her ultrasound. This makes me feel like we have already met this little boy and somewhat know what to expect. It is a little creepy having a sneak peek, but I LOVE it! And, I LOVE our little boy.

These next two are longer and show him moving around. Amazing.

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