Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Cozy Colorado Cabin

At the end of September, we drove to Leadville, Colorado for Cora's first trip to Carol and Larry's cabin. The cabin was amazing. The last time I had been there, the bedroom addition was just being started. Everything was finished this trip and it turned out absolutely beautiful. The cabin is a true cabin. Small, cozy, and full of happy people. The cabin is located on private land with a bunch of trout ponds. As you can imagine, Lee is one happy guy out there. We ate lots of great food (surprise?), paddled around in the canoe, sat by the warm fire, enjoyed the sun, and just had a lovely time.

Cora was Aunt Carol's right hand gal. She loved helping tend the fire.

George is great with Cora. She loves Georgie. It is amazing how much these two dogs put up with.

Cora and Grandma Jo reading. Cora was pretty much glued to Grandma this trip. Cora is starting to recognize family members, making trips like these that much better.

Grandma also came bearing gifts! Cora loves this animal magnet board.

Piggy back time!

Carol and Mary Jo out in the canoe. The lake the cabin on is called Home Lake. Isn't the area beautiful! There really isn't an ugly spot in Colorado.

The front of the cabin.

Lee caught some trout to eat for appetizers one night. Even after the fish were dead, Cora still thought they were great playmates.

What's a trip to the cabin without some bumps and bruises? What looked like a piddly fall turned out to cut her forehead in three places. OUCH! As you can see in the pictures, she was proud of her cuts.

Grandma brought bat wings for Cora. She loves her wing collection!

Dinner time!! Cora loves spaghetti (another trait she inherited from Aunt Anne). Notice she is digging in already. :)

Gearing up for a canoe ride.

Family photo op.

Reggie came too. Despite getting smelly in his old age, he is still our sidekick. He loves sleeping in boats.

Cora helped Daddy paddle. This made my job easy!

We had a picnic with the aspens on afternoon. Isn't it beautiful?!?


Cora's new apron from Aunt Carol and Uncle Larry. She loves it! Can you tell?

Somehow, Cora roped the ENTIRE family into watching Pinocchio with her. 

To be totally honest, I don't love looking at these pictures because I want to go back soooo bad. We had a hard time saying goodbye. It was an incredibly quick trip, but one of the best decision we have made in a long time. Soon enough though, we'll be back.

I think I'll end this blog entry with a couple of videos. The first one is of Cora loving on dead fish. The second one is of Lee catching a trout.

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