Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ice Capades Princess in ACTION!

As promised, here are a couple short videos of Cora skating. She did pretty well. You can see in the second video how she would stand still and "glide" with one foot. It was pretty cute.

Cora and Lee left on the plane for Denver today. They are going for a long weekend to see some family. It also happens to be Aunt Elsie's birthday (Great Great Aunt Elsie to Cora). They should have lots of fun! Here is a picture Lee took with his iTouch at the airport. This will mark Cora's first plane ride where she has her own seat. This also means that this is the first plane ride where she HAS to wear a seatbelt. I am really hoping she cooperated with Lee. Although, if there is anybody who can lay down the law with Cora, it is Lee. I am pretty sure he also has a pocket full of M&M's for bribery if need be. :)

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