Friday, July 16, 2010

We're Goin' to the Zoo Zoo Zoo

Cora's daycare takes an annual field trip to the zoo in June. This year was way more fun than last year. Last year was miserable cold. Cora was only 6 months old so we ended up heading out early. This year, however, had beautiful weather. I think it is funny that in June she still was wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants. I guess we're in Canada, eh! Cora had a great day running through the puddles and petting the animals. She is quite a bit more outgoing than the other kids her age. She was a lot of fun to watch.

Lucy the Elephant. Lucy is probably the most controversial thing in Edmonton. She is ancient old, in a small zoo, all by herself. I know that sounds sad, but I really think they take good care of her. I would venture to guess she would die if they tried to relocate her to another zoo with other elephants. There is a huge group of people that want her shipped out so she can spend the rest of her life with elephants. I think that is ridiculous and would cause her great stress to be relocated so late in life. Anyways, the keepers always seem to be spending time with her. Every day they take her on a walk through the zoo. This is a picture of Lucy leaving her enclosure. Cora is on my shoulders only because she desperately wanted to touch Lucy. She has no concept of boundaries and danger.

Cora loves puddles. I mean she LOVES puddles. Whenever there is any chance that she will be around a puddle we make sure she has her galoshes on. She spent most of the day running through puddles. I'm glad daycare picked up the admission price. ;)

Cora's first taste of cotton candy. Yep, she liked it. Gross.

Yes! A chicken!!! I still love the petting zoo. So does Cora. :D

"Hey! I think I just was something like you with a zookeeper."

"Mom!! Check it out. A chicken! Can I pet this one, too?"

"Come back here bird. I want to touch you."

"Ummm, I think you dropped something."

"I know where it's supposed to go. Just turn around and hold still."

"Ohhh, Dad! This thing is big enough to ride. Can we take it home? I am sure Reg won't care."

"Oh, we can't take it home? OK. I guess I'll just smother this one with a zillion smooches for now. Hold still you big goat."

The zoo trip was a success. Cora had a great time and we left just in time for the rain to start falling.

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Kim O. said...

I can't believe I didn't know about this blog!! So adorable Sascha, you are the world's greatest mom!!!

P.S. I love the chicken pictures. And captions. So much for work today!