Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Woof Woof

I mentioned that Cora has given up many forms of communication and has resorted to barking. It was cute...at first. Now, the barking to wake us up, ask for food, read a book, get a drink, etc is getting a little old. She is getting quite vocal about it! Between Cora barking and Reggie whining and crying, sometimes I get a little overwhelmed. It is hard not to laugh when we have a small scolding session and I am telling Reg to quit crying and Cora to quit barking. Isn't this a little backwards? Nonetheless, it is still cute. They can really get each other riled up. Cora is starting to learn how to wrestle with him. If you've ever heard Reggie wrestle, he sounds like a gremlin. It cracks me up. He is still a little strong for Cora. Especially his hind legs which kick harder than a kangaroo. Here is a barking video filmed about a month ago when she first started this barking language.

One more story to close out the night. Cora, Reg and I went on a short walk tonight over to the pond by our house. I decided to let Cora walk the whole way instead of dragging out the stroller. Cora is very interested in taking Reggie for a walk. Tonight, on the way home, I asked Cora if she wanted to walk Reggie. She was all about that. I handed her the leash and she held it like an old pro. You all should have seen her strutting her stuff down the road. Reggie must have known that I gave Cora full reign of the leash. I wasn't holding it at all. He immediately slowed down and never once tugged Cora. I was so proud of both of them. On top of that, we got to see two clutches of ducklings swimming. This was the first batch of babies we have seen this spring! Yeah!!

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Eva said...

That's so funny, the video of Cora barking made me laugh out loud!