Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nursery: In Progress

When we realized we only had about 100 days before Cora's arrival, we decided it was time to get the essentials for the nursery. I am not allowing myself to do any more work on the nursery until after my candidacy exam. So, come October 25, back to nursery. In the meantime, if Cora shows up unexpectedly, we'll be ready enough.

Here are a few photos of our work in progress.
Lee putting the crib together

Wardrobe (makeshift closet) for all the cute clothes cousin Mya has given her

Change table and some necessities. Check out the awesome painting our friend, Steph, made for us!!

The rug we picked out. The glider is going. I hate it. The computer is also finding a new home.

One more close up shot of Steph's painting. Isn't she amazing??

As you can see, there is little left to do. We need a diaper pail and to stock the change table a bit better. My dear friend, Eva, is going to teach me to sew. That way I can make some sheets for the crib. She also found this great pattern for making a wall mural of fabric ABC's. I am also in the process of making a bird mobile. And, I have a wall decal of a tree I really like. So, most of what is left to do in the nursery is for me and Lee, not really Cora. As long as she is dry, warm, fed, and loved, I think she'll be happy. :)

Oh, we received a shipment of approximately 759 onesies/sleepers/newborn outfits from Grandma Brandis today. So, now, we have lots of clothes to put away too. Thanks, Mom! I love them. (Thanks also to Mya who was kind enough to quickly grow out of her clothes so her cousin could get some use out of them).

I swear this will be the last update until after my candidacy exam. Unless of course I take another belly photo. Then I'll be sure to post that. ;) See you all around Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

The painting is AMAZING, where can I get one for a friend? seriously it is a great personalized gift!

Love Sarah Seberger